Anonymous asked: hands, finger and face

Hands: no, not exactly.. I like to draw and people say my drawings are good and stuff, but.. no, I wouldn’t say I’m an artist xD

Finger: yes, guitar and bass.. I’m not a gooooooood player, but I can play some songs and stuff. 

I’ll post my icon, ok? 


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Anonymous asked: 34, 46, 59, 70 - 71, 78? please answer <3

34 - No

46 - Last year? None.

59 - You mean who? I guess I’m not able to do this, is a guy from college, and there are people from my college here, and in the same course and probably the same room as him, so, if you really wanna know, come out of anon and I send you a picture.

70 - Lots of things turn me on xD  But well, long haired guys, beautiful smiles, a nice body, tattoos, hot band members.. those things.. and some more that I can’t remember right now. 

71 - wow. dreams.. let me see.. I don’t usually dream at night you know? but when I remember my dreams, they’re something really strange, never about sex, I guess. 

78 - I don’t have dirty secrets… just that I want the guy I mentioned about, so, so, so bad..

Thanks for asking :))

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Anonymous asked: youre my favorite blog, keep it up you amazing person

Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. Thanks. Really. It means a lot to me :) I wish I knew who you are, though.


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Anonymous asked: 're a virgin?

Does it matter? 

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Anonymous asked: gurl u horny or what

Now I’m or what (and I’m fine, thanks for asking. Oh wait, you didn’t). But horny, sometimes. I just don’t understand why it bothers you… 

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Anonymous asked: rhcp / the doors / metallica

awful | poor | adequate | standard | appealing | awesome | perfect |marry me


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Anonymous asked: U'r not boring, u'r such a funny person, i could stay just with u and would be such a awesome day! I'm serious!! Love ya!

OMG, how cute… I don’t even know what to say xD Come over anon, let’s hang out someday :D

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Anonymous asked: maybe people would want to ask you more questions if you didnt think you were boring. respect yoself brotha

I don’t think so, because even before that thing I wrote, people rarely sent me messages y’know?! Had I not expressed myself, it’d still be the same (or expressing.. it’ll still be the same). Thinking or not thinking I’m boring, it doesn’t change a thing. And I do respect myself and I express myself too. And that thing I wrote, it’s not an opinion.. It’s just a thing I realised, y’know? because if the people who used to talk to me don’t talk anymore, it’s because they got bored. Simple as that. But thanks for your opinion, really, so I could make the things clear around here. 

It bothers me a little bit, but not that much. I’ll just stay here doing what I do, that’s all.

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Anonymous asked: because you are awesome

Sorry to tell you… but I’m not.. I’m just a regular girl.. there’s nothing special or awesome about me ‘-‘ 

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Anonymous asked: i actually love you <3

You actually lie xD I’m sorry, couldn’t resist..xD but why do you think so? And who are you? ‘-‘ 

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Anonymous asked: Doida, bonita e inteligente

HAHAHA não sou doida ‘-’ talvez um pouco… ok, sou sim D: mas isso é bom ou ruim? ‘-‘

Mas obrigada :D


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Anonymous asked: Kurt Cobain of Anthony Kiedis

Anthony for sure!

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Anonymous asked: last time u kissed someone and who u kissed?

Ok then.. September… I don’t remember the day exactly.. 7 or 8.. in a  rock festival around here.. a guy called “Pedro”.. What a strange question.. 


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Anonymous asked: gosta de slipknot, posta algo deles :)

Cara, eu não gosto de Slipknot não, as bandas que eu gosto mesmo eu já posto aqui, sorry .-. 

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Anonymous asked: 1, 2, 6, 10, 13, 15, 19

1- when I’m telling someone how I feel

2- because of a jealous guy, I can’t stand on people who think that own me. Nobody owns me ¬¬ Yes, I do.

6- I guess I would save the dog.. I would feel really awful if something happened to it knowing that I could have avoid it.. And well, jobs, there are lots of jobs out there I could easily get another one xD

10- I already have the best friends in the world :3

13- Oh God, I don’t even remember, I don’t usually say to people how I feel, it’s hard for be, otherwise, nobody wants to know :P

15- I’d never give up on making my friends feel better, even if I can’t do something really concrete, I have to try. It’s hard to not have the oportunity to help the people you love.

19- My grandma.. Because she had a long and happy life, the baby didn’t have the chance to get it yet.  

Thanks for asking :) 

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